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Reminder~ starting tomorrow we will have our Spiritual Healing Course. Join us with Barbara Sanson and learn the history and role of spiritual healing so that you too can be a guiding light. All are welcome. ...

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I ask the Great Unseen Healing Force To Remove All Obstructions From My Mind and Body


I ask This in All Sincerity and Honesty And I Will Do My Part


I ask This Great Unseen Healing Force To Help Both Present and Absent Ones Who are in Need of Help And to Restore Them to Perfect Health.


I Put My Trust In the Love and Power of God.




“In silence the teachings are heard.  In stillness the world is transformed.” Lao Tzu


     We who abide here in the physical plane of duality have from time to time moments of test and challenge.  These phases of our evolution are human and not an error.  These “times of trouble” are a natural honing of our ability to heal. My favorite teacher once told me “alone and naked in the world, you can make it”.  This is true!  All that we need has been given to us and is not lacking in any way.

     The above quote on silence has always worked for me in times of “not so good” energy!  But last week I learned a little lesson that I would like to share.  It is for certain true that sitting in silence can elevate our state of mind and remind us of the peace that abides within.  Sitting in “silence” and trying to find a solution to one’s depression, sadness, anger, guilt (just keep naming all the low energy states we humans get caught in) does not work.  The noise of our solution solving and our labeling of the problem is anything but silent.  Our desire to feel uplifted is lost in the busyness of our wandering mind.  This is especially true when we cannot label the problem.  Free floating problem has us frantically searching for the root of the misery.  Free floating problem will not be caught.  Free floating problem, I finally discovered, is looking for an exit!  And trying to pin it down, and label it, or fix it, is not why it has shown its face.  This energy wanted out and I was keeping it in by my constant attention to it.  We all carry within us old patterns, old hurts, and old miss - takes!  I realized I was living in a frame of mind I did not like and that “frame” was holding me in that space just as a picture frame holds a painting in place.  As long as the attachment to the problem, via my desire to catch it, continued…. it would continue to be the picture I saw in my world.

     It is a wonderful blessing that we can get caught up in joy as easily as we can get dragged down into misery.  And one Sunday during our church meditation I forgot the need to fix, to heal, and to know “why” I was feeling so low.  And in the moment of letting go and doing nothing about the problem… it flew away!   It is a wonder I was able to finish the service because I was giddy with happiness.  All my previous meditations had been problem solving.  On this day I truly forgot to search for the solution to my free floating problem.  We can all remove the frames from our mind and allow those emotions that have come up for healing to leave.  No one wants to be framed; not even our emotions!  They know what they need and we only get in the way of their release.

     Sitting in true silence we must ask for nothing and learn to trust our emotional body to heal itself.  Kafka, Rumi, Kabir and countless others urge us to silence.  Does this mean never speak, never dance and sing in joy?  I do not believe this is the message of the mystics.  I do believe they urge us to silence for this is where we find refuge and rejuvenation from the noisy world.  Rumi says that for most of us silence is a void we feel we must fill and he tells us to live in silence.

      "This silence, this moment, every moment, if it's genuinely inside you, brings what you need.”

                                                                                                                                            Namaste! emmy chetkin


2015 is the year of the sheep (goat)

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