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Medium Sunday - Every Second Sunday and Every Third Sunday is Philosophy Sunday. ...

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Recognizing Synchronicity and Opportunity


Presented by Dennis Morley, Dec 21 ...

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African Djembe Drumming


Dec 1, 3, 5 with George Clees  ...

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Spirit Art Classes


Taught by Susan Barnes ...

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Introduction to Tarot for Beginners


Presented by: MK Gaedeke Roland ...

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I ask the Great Unseen Healing Force To Remove All Obstructions From My Mind and Body


I ask This in All Sincerity and Honesty And I Will Do My Part


I ask This Great Unseen Healing Force To Help Both Present and Absent Ones Who are in Need of Help And to Restore Them to Perfect Health.


I Put My Trust In the Love and Power of God.




January 4  -  Ron Skowronski
- Burning Bowl Ceremony -
January  11  -  Tom Cratsley
January  18   -  Brenda Holl
January  25  -  Jessie Furst

February Speakers

Feb 1 Jack Rudy

Feb 8 Stefanie Turachek

Feb 15 Jewel Rozanski

Feb 22 Tom Rugani

Year of the Sheep (Goat 2015)

2015 is the year of the sheep (goat) in Chinese astrology.  
The sheep of 2015 is yin energy and a symbol of peace and unity.  Like all energies we can go within our being and welcome this energy to come forward and manifest in our lives.  

Year of the Sheep [Goat 2015]

We will not, in the Maya of duality, be free from war or from the threat of war.  Like the poor, war will be with us always.  This is the nature of duality, where all that can be is.  The denial of our true self and the belief in separation is the filter through which we experience the world.  A volunteer in a stage demonstration of hypnosis is not really affected by the nonsense they experience.  It only appears to be real as long as the participant stays in trance.  Once the volunteer awakens they laugh with everyone else at what happened; or appeared to happen.  

We are that volunteer!  We are a volunteer with an ability to awaken at any moment.  We need not suspend the truth of who we are as we journey here.  We can lessen the impact of our belief in duality, and the attendant emotional upheavals that belief can bring, by going within for our answers.  Going within affirms the recognition of our divine relationship to Spirit.  We need that affirmation!  

We need to remember who we are.  “Oh man no planet sun or star could hold you if you but knew what you are”. Emerson


Emmy Chetkin

One means one!  There is no other.  Spirit cannot be divided.  Nor can spirit be contained within time, or space, or within any belief.  We are familiar with the Einstein quote telling us that separation is a delusion of consciousness.  In Genesis chapter 3 we learn that others before us have accepted this delusion; this duality of good and evil.  


We are not stuck in this belief!  Within our being is all that we need to navigate this plane of existence.  Duality is joyful!  Duality is fun!  The joy of knowing oneself as reflected all about us in nature and in the faces of humanity is an adventure we would not want to miss.  Eating the apple is just a metaphor for accepting the journey.  Yet we know that duality is not who we are.  To accept duality as who we are is no more real than to accept the image of our faces in the mirror as real.  That image is not real!  It is only the mask we are wearing in the game of life.  A life we agreed to “live”.  


That reflection cannot hurt us, nor can it be hurt.  It is just a reflection.  Can we have any impact on a reflection in a mirror?  And so everywhere we look we are observing our creations; our storyline… good and not so good.  We can choose to experience the feelings of being hurt, wounded, or dying; yet the immortal WE or I is not touched.  ‘I AM” does not say I will be or I was or I might be.  It says I AM!  


We are the many masks of God.  Behind all these reflections is the immutable, unchanging spirit we call The All That Is.  The great I AM can frolic in duality.  Enjoy magical creations, and not so magical creations.  Sometimes when out of body, or dreaming, we experience an expanded sense of self.  One day that expansion will by nature grow to include all that is.  We will then realize that we are all existences and in that realization we will experience compassion for all.  Once that happens we will perhaps experience self as a dot; a dot that is aware of everything and then…………. 

                                                                                                                       Namaste! Happy New Year! Emmy Chetkin


2015 is the year of the sheep (goat)

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