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emmy chetkin

“You are the light at the end of the tunnel!”

     These are the words my daughter Sara heard very strongly and clearly at the close of a meditation experienced at the base of the pyramids on the Giza plateau.  I was reminded of that meditation at a message service in our church one Sunday.  The medium was bringing Sara a message and could see a tunnel with light.  Sara and I both knew it was a reference to her pyramid meditation, and one her father would use as an identifier. 

      “You are the light at the end of the tunnel” is a message for us all.  So often we read of near death experiences and the light seen at the end of tunnel is always part of the experience.  We are light and it is to light that we shall return.  We carry that light with us on this earth plane and sometimes forget to use it.  We can light our way out of dark situations.  We can light our way to see more clearly.  When we ignore our inner vision we identify more strongly with the negative emotions of fear, guilt, envy, doubt and a lack of trust.  Every time we say I am sad, or angry, or I am “any emotion” we deny the truth of us.  Emotion is an experience, not a being.    

These emotions we indulge in when we stumble on our path are not who we are, but as humans we forget, and we identify with the emotion.  Once we identify with anything we begin to protect it and feed it.  It does not matter if we identify with an emotion or with a football team; the identification with anything brings us to protect it; to stand up for it and to feed it.  False identification also separates us as humans.  My church, my school, my state, my way!  Wars are fought over “my way”!  Our pioneers urged “go within”.   And yet we still look outside ourselves for what we need.  I believe in asking for help; I do not trust myself.  I need to remember that it is not myself I must trust, but the God within.  If we must identify let us identify with God. 

Perhaps we could begin 2016 with a new respect for the light within us all; to know that God is within every atom, every cell, and every molecule of our being.  This is true to the same degree in each and every one of us.  The only difference is who among us has learned to first go within and who, when there is trouble, immediately looks outside for solutions.  The more we honor the God within, the more we develop trust.  The more we practice trust the more we will make good decisions.  The universe was not created to trick us. 

The universe was created to give us a wonderful experience of earthly life.  It is our interference; our identification with that which is only a passing moment that prolongs our challenges.  We begin to believe we are the experience and that we are what we see out there.  In truth we are spirit experiencing the world.  We are forever beings experiencing a finite world.  This world shall pass away; we shall not pass away and you are the light at the end of the tunnel ---safe and sound in the light of your being.


Namaste!  emmy chetkin


2015 is the year of the sheep (goat)

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