Your Donations Are Important

Your donations are greatly appreciated and welcomed.
• Donations are used in the loving memories of those no longer on this Earth plane but are still close to us in Spirit.
• Donations help to defer the costs of utilities, supplies and promotes the continuing of classes to be offered to our community.
• Please feel fee to mail in your donations or donate online by using the PayPal Button and following the instructions.

Existing Members & Due Renewal
To Pay Your Church Membership Dues The new Church year started on September 1st.
You may use the mail or pay your yearly dues online here using the PayPal Button.
Membership Renewals are payable no later than May 30th. of the current fiscal year: per the recent by-law change.
To send dues or update any name or address changes:
Church of Living Spirit
Attention: Kelly Wahl
PO Box 224
Lily Dale, NY 14752


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