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Sunday Monthly Events


Medium Sunday - Every Second Sunday and Every Third Sunday is Philosophy Sunday. ...

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Recognizing Synchronicity and Opportunity


Presented by Dennis Morley, Dec 21 ...

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African Djembe Drumming


Dec 1, 3, 5 with George Clees  ...

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Spirit Art Classes


Taught by Susan Barnes ...

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Introduction to Tarot for Beginners


Presented by: MK Gaedeke Roland ...

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Prayers for Healing

I ask the Great Unseen Healing Force To Remove All Obstructions From My Mind and Body


I ask This in All Sincerity and Honesty And I Will Do My Part


I ask This Great Unseen Healing Force To Help Both Present and Absent Ones Who are in Need of Help And to Restore Them to Perfect Health.


I Put My Trust In the Love and Power of God.




December Speakers

December 7   - MK Roland

December 14 - Kimberly Kelleher

December 21 - Dennis Morley

December 28 - Roy Montgomery


Your Donations Are Important


Your donations are greatly appreciated and welcomed.

• Donations are used in the loving memories of those no longer on this Earth plane but are still close to us in Spirit.

• Donations help to defer the costs of utilities, supplies and promotes the continuing of classes to be offered to our community.

• Please feel fee to mail in your donations or donate online by using the PayPal Button and following the instructions.

Board of Trustees


 President Emmy Chetkin                                 echetkin@yahoo.com
Vice President Suzanne Hamilton-Redding     SuzeDoc@aol.com
Corresponding Secretary  Connie Griffith        Griffith@msn.com
Treasurer Philip Chase                                    PS_Chase@yahoo.com
Recording Secretary MK Roland                     MKRoland@hotmail.com
        Trustee Jewel Rozanski                          Jewel_Bell@hotmail.com

Our Board of Trustees meets once a month on the first Sunday of every month.
Please feel free to contact any of our Board Members with any questions or concerns you may have.

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