Regularly Scheduled Events


7:30 Community Healing Service at the Healing Temple

Gentle Yoga with Kasey Way
6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Resumes Feb 6 - Thursdays
Assembly Hall

7:30 PM - 9:30 PM African Djembe Drumming
- 1st, 3rd and 5th
George Clees
Love Donation

Friday Events

Friday night mediumship is a 15 week class devoted to the continued opening of our connection to spirit. Students may attend all, or one, or any number of fridays  they choose. Schedule and More Info

Sunday Monthly Events

Every third Sunday is Philosophy Class. Join Joanne Copley-Nigro after the morning service to learn more about COLS.  Attendance at a Philosophy Class is required to become a member of the church.  All are welcome at the class.

Every Second Sunday of the month is Medium Sunday. Brunch is $5.00 at the Fire Hall immediately following the church service. There you can sign up for a 10 minute mini-reading for only $10. Come join us! Space is limited.

Sunday Speaker

Patricia Price June 1, 2014

Sunday Speakers - Winter


1 - Patricia Price

8 - Patricia Bell

15 - John White

22 - Joint Service - Auditorium
     Carol Gasber

29 - Summer Service - COL -
     Emmy Chetkin


Mission and Principles

We are an independent Spiritualist Church that supports the God of your own understanding. We practice, promote, and teach unconditional love. We refer to our principles as guidelines. We offer a safe and sacred place for everyone to freely discover and develop their path, purpose and spiritual nature.

Our Principles
We are a Spiritualist Church and we support the following principles:

1. We believe in God.
2. We believe that God is all there is.
3. We Affirm the divine right of each individual to seek the truth with in their own heart.
4. Life is eternal.
5. Spiritual progression is eternal and infinite.
6. We believe that communication between all planes of existence is a reality.
7. The ultimate expression of loving God is to "Love thy neighbor as thyself";
8. We believe in personal responsibility and that each individual creates their own reality according to Natural Law.
9. We affirm that the innate gifts of mediumship and healing are expressions of God's love.

Church of the Living Spirit
PO Box 224
Lily Dale, NY 14752-0224

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