The Church of the Living Spirit is an independent Spiritualist Church founded in 1988 in Lily Dale, NY.  

Sunday Services

Sunday Worship Service


September through June, 10:30 AM ...

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2nd Sunday - Monthly


Join us for brunch in the Lily Dale Fire Hall ...

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3rd Sunday


Philosophy Class for anyone wishing to join the church.  ...

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Djembe Drumming Thursdays


Djembe drumming resumes this Thursday , November 19 at 7:30 in the Assembly Hall with George Cleese! ...

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Our Mission & Principles

We are an independent Spiritualist Church that supports the God of your own understanding. We practice, promote, and teach unconditional love. We refer to our principles as guidelines. We offer a safe and sacred place for everyone to freely discover and develop their path, purpose and spiritual nature


Our Principles
We are a Spiritualist Church and we support the following principles:

1. We believe in God.
2. We believe that God is all there is.
3. We Affirm the divine right of each individual to seek the truth with in their own heart.
4. Life is eternal.
5. Spiritual progression is eternal and infinite.
6. We believe that communication between all planes of existence is a reality.
7. The ultimate expression of loving God is to "Love thy neighbor as thyself";
8. We believe in personal responsibility and that each individual creates their own reality according to Natural Law.
9. We affirm that the innate gifts of mediumship and healing are expressions of God's love.

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Call us: 716-595-2697 
4 Cleveland Drive - Assembly Hall,
Lily Dale NY 14752